Two NFL Players Still Awaiting H1N1 Test Results

Two Miami Dolphin defensive backs may have H1N1.

Test results on the players, suffering from flu-like symptoms, are expected to be released Monday at the earliest.

Sean Smith and Jason Allen were scratched from Saturday night's exhibition game after coming down with flu-like symptoms, and teammates expressed concern that H1N1 was a possibility.

"We've all been warned to be careful and make sure you wash your hands and don't put your hands on your face," linebacker Akin Ayodele said after the Dolphins beat Carolina 27-17.

Smith and Allen underwent tests and remained at the team hotel during the game. Afterward, the Dolphins said they did not yet have the test results.

"Nothing is confirmed," coach Tony Sparano said.

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Smith's agent, David Canter, said his client was already feeling better and planning to take part in the team's next practice Monday.

Quarterback Chad Pennington said the H1N1 virus was never mentioned when players were told that Smith and Allen were ill. But running back Ronnie Brown said players considered the virus a possibility.

"You see it on TV," Brown said. "To actually have it be close — you read so much about it, but to have it affect you a little, that's kind of scary. We have to make sure to wash our hands, stay clean, be careful and do the right things."

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