Two Massachusetts Teens Suspended in Cyber Bullying Suicide Case

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Two Massachusetts high school students have been suspended following the suicide of a teen girl who was allegedly bullied at school and online, the reported.

Friends and school officials told that Phoebe Prince, 15, had been picked on since moving to Massachusetts from Ireland last fall. School bullies reportedly taunted the teen through text messages, Facebook and other social networking sites.

South Hadley High School superintendent Gus Sayer said there have been students "disciplined already in connection with the incident," reported.

"There’s still an investigation going on, which may lead to disciplinary action against other students," said Sayer.

South Hadley High Principal Daniel Smith sent out a letter to parents of students at the high school. In the letter, he called Prince "smart, charming, and as is the case with many teenagers, complicated ... We will never know the specific reasons why she chose to take her life," reported.

Smith said the bullying often surrounded arguments about teen dating, reported.

In the letter to parents, dated Jan. 20, Smith addressed the disagreements: "These disagreements centered on relationship/dating issues. School personnel immediately intervened ... and both counseled and provided consequences as the situations required. It is what happened after those incidents were over that is cause for significant concern.’’

Even after her death, bullies posted disparaging messages on her Facebook memorial page. The comments had to be removed from the page.

Local police and the Northwestern District Attorney are investigating. First Assistant District Attorney would not comment on whether any criminal charges would be brought against any students, the paper reported.

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