A Christmas prank in a small Kentucky town has netted jail time for two young men who stole the baby Jesus.

Nicholas A. Brainard, who is 21, and 19-year-old David A. Gialdini were sentenced Monday to 45 days in jail and two years of probation on their guilty pleas to stealing a baby Jesus from a Somerset family's Nativity scene in December.

Police found the statue, other stolen Christmas decorations and a street sign in the men's apartment. They were charged with misdemeanors — theft and receiving stolen property.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney David Dalton said first-time theft charges often won't result in jail time.

But he added in a news release, "These are tough times, and parents shouldn't have to explain to children why someone would steal 'baby Jesus' out of a Nativity scene or rip decorations from the side of the house. It was a stupid stunt and deserved some jail time."