A former employee of a strip club and a soldier from Fort Hood, Texas, were charged with murder Monday in two of four shooting deaths that followed the worker's firing, authorities said.

Richard L. Tabler, 25, of Killeen, Texas, and Timothy D. Payne, 18, a private with the 4th Infantry Division (search), each were charged with two counts of capital murder, the district attorney said.

The victims were two men and two women. One man was believed to be the club's owner, and the women were believed to be dancers at the club in central Texas.

Police said Tabler became fixated on club employees who he believed had wronged him. Police declined to discuss Payne's role in the slayings.

The victims were identified as Haitham Frank Zayed, 28; Mohamed-amine Rahmouni, 25; Tiffany Loraine Dotson, 18, all of Killeen; and an unidentified woman in her 20s.

According to authorities, Tabler had a confrontation with Rahmouni after being fired from Teazers (search) night club. Tabler told authorities Rahmouni threatened to have him and his family killed.

Tabler lured Rahmouni and Zayed to a location near Fort Hood on Friday under the guise of buying stolen property, and killed them, police said.

Police alleged Tabler lured the two women to another remote spot Sunday with the promise of crack cocaine (search), then shot both multiple times.

The prosecutor's office, however, filed murder charges only in the slayings of the two men. Authorities would not comment on potential charges in the deaths of the two women.

Tabler was arrested Sunday. Payne was arrested early Monday after Tabler told police he also was involved. Investigators said they had obtained confessions from both suspects.