Two Great White Sharks Spotted Near Santa Cruz Beaches

Two great white sharks have been spotted near Santa Cruz County beaches.

Shark researcher Sean Van Sommeran spotted a 16-foot shark off of Manresa State Beach on Friday. That was a day after Ryan Dunlap, of Capitola, videotaped a shark at the Seacliff State Beach pier.

Van Sommeran heads the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation in Santa Cruz. He says the two sightings are of different sharks. He says it is not uncommon to see great whites in the area this time of year.

Dunlap was fishing for bass when a 10-foot shark grabbed his bait, pulling Dunlap the length of the pier. The shark shredded his bait before letting go Wednesday.

Dunlap had his digital camera ready when the shark returned on Thursday.

Parks officials say beaches remain open.