Two Arubas

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There are two Arubas (search): The one that tourists see (gorgeous beaches, shops, commercial area and water) and the one where we spent much of our time searching for clues. As you might imagine, this other area is not as glamorous. I figured you might want to see some pictures of this other area and thus have posted them today.

I also have posted two images of two young kittens. As we knocked on doors looking for the source of the tip leading to the huge search of the landfill, we found a litter of kittens. The kittens were unattended to and living in trash near a home. We were distressed that the kittens were living alone — even their mother was nowhere to be seen. On a good note, the kittens were very friendly and not afraid so maybe we just caught them at a time when no one was around.

Wednesday night's show was a surprise: Breaking news that the two fugitives from Tennessee (search) wanted in connection with murder of a correctional officer had been picked up in Ohio. I think it important to note that they were picked up quickly and without incident — a tribute to the law enforcement officers arresting them. So often we in the media will "jump" the police when they make mistakes, so it only seems fair to point out when they do a really, really, really professional job in really, really, dangerous circumstances.

After the show last night, Jim Hammer (search), my husband and I got a glass of wine. (I am in Los Angeles.) A man came up to our table who said that he had e-mailed me a few times and that I did not respond. I told him that I spend over two hours e-mailing viewers every day and that I was sorry that missed his. He then spent about 30 minutes at our table discussing Natalee's disappearance with us. I only wish we had some real answers for him... and more importantly for her family.

You might wonder why the show originated in L.A. last night — it isn't because I have some weird obsession with getting on airplanes. Rather it is because I am a guest Thursday night on Jay Leno's (search) show. I have done it before and had fun and I am looking forward to it tonight.

Here are some random e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta!
I've always thought you were a “cold fish”... but I truly admire your valiant fight for keeping the search for Natalie Holloway in the news. I don't know if you have children... but you are being a loving representative of every mother on Earth. God Bless you and can you put on your Web site where we can contribute to a fund for the family to continue their search.
Marie Parker
Canton, GA

ANSWER: One of the problems of doing news, which is always bad, is that people have a one-dimensional view of you. I can understand why you think I am a "cold fish" — I usually report on tragedy — death, war, etc. I try to do it without putting emotion into it since I figure the emotion of all of us responding to these incidents is obvious — I try and just give you the facts. I admit that from time to time my opinion is obvious — for example I am annoyed that the prosecutor and police are not giving Natalee's family information so that they are bewildered and more distressed than they might have to be.

E-mail No. 2

Thank you so much for the continuing coverage of the Natalee Holloway case. I am from Birmingham, AL and though I have never met the Twitty/Holloway family, I feel like they are a part of my family. I depend on you and FOX News to bring me the latest from Aruba and you always do! Please don't stop! I am tired of watching people from other countries abuse Americans. I would love to see Beth and Jug Twitty publicly ask Americans to boycott Aruba. American tourism has supported this county for a long time, now it is time for them to support Americans. If we can't be safe there, then we should take our money elsewhere. Please Greta, lets ask Americans to boycott Aruba! Let's show people you can't get away with running planes into our buildings, and you can't cover up a rape and possible murder to our citizens either. Boycott Aruba!
Alabaster, AL

ANSWER: I have received many e-mails about a boycott. Natalee's family has told me that they don't want Aruba boycotted. One reason is that the hotels have been very generous to her and her family and of course the hotels rely on tourism for their income. They do not want to hurt the hotels. So perhaps you could think of another way to voice your protest over this investigation. Incidentally, Aruba has gorgeous beaches and can be a wonderful place for a vacation. One really bad incident — like Natalee's disappearance — is not a reason to fear the island.

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
Great coverage on the breaking news last night regarding the capture of the Hyattes. I was channel surfing at the time and you will be happy to know that FOX News was the first cable news channel to break the news! MSNBC and CNN were about five minutes behind in breaking the news! I noticed something on your show last night and I was wondering why and how this happens. When you were talking with Mark Fuhrman, you told him "Hold that thought" and within a millisecond, the news update came on. Do you and your producer's not know when that is going to happen? I almost got the feeling like it was unexpected, and you had no choice but to end that segment right then and there! It just seemed a little sudden and you looked "caught off guard.”
Keep up the good work!

ANSWER: Rob, thanks for the note. I was told after the show that we were way ahead of all other networks on this breaking news. Of course I am so busy during the breaking news I can't channel surf to see what others are doing. I hope our coverage has convinced you not to channel surf either! You should stay on FOX. As for the Fuhrman incident, breaking news puts us in a huge bind — we can't communicate much to each other. Much is happening fast and my producer can't talk to me — if she does, I can't hear what the corresponding is saying since she automatically shuts down his audio to me when she talks. This is a technical thing. Plus, things are happening so fast and those in the control room have to make split second decisions so there is a level of miscues, etc. Are things unexpected? Absolutely... we have no idea what will be next with breaking news. For instance last night about 40 minutes after the hour we knew the Tennessee authorities would be doing a press conference. Would it be in one minute? Two? Five? Ten? Do we dare take a commercial break? Do we talk to our studio guests? Can we get video of the scene? So yes, we are all surprised in the new business during breaking news... we try and do our best and sometimes you make decisions that you would have preferred to make differently.

E-mail No. 4

This woman has become pathetic. The minute you drop her coverage (and you WILL drop it) she will have to face reality. Why can't you just tell her Natalee is dead and you are sorry, but there are new cases to crack? This one won't be solved on TV. She will apparently receive a new "tip" every day the coverage starts to fade so she can keep Natalee "alive.”
Norm Nelson
Tucson, AZ

ANSWER: I don't agree. Beth is not pathetic. She is strong and determined.

E-mail No. 5

When you get critiqued or someone tries to add information to the investigation that you don't like you don't print their e-mails. Well Mrs. Van Susteren that, in my opinion, gives you a big yellow streak right along your back. You disgust me.
Ewout Van Walbeek

ANSWER: Huh? Are you on something?

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