Twins Born Dead at 24 Weeks Celebrate First Birthday

The most premature twins in Britain celebrated their first birthday Wednesday with their thrilled parents.

Mikey and Gracie Swindell were born dead at 24 weeks.

Medics spent an hour battling to bring the twins — who each weighed 1 pound, 9 ounces — back to life.

They succeeded, but the twins spent the next six months in a special-care pediatrics unit.

Doctors fed Gracie and Mikey tiny amounts of milk from their mother, Lisa, which they believe helped the babies pull through.

When doctors finally released them from Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent, England, they expected the twins to develop slowly, but Gracie and Mikey have not had any medical problems, doctors said.

"We call them our little miracles," said Lisa Swindell, 28, of Chatham, Kent, who conceived the babies through in-vitro fertilization after she and her husband, Paul, tried to conceive naturally for five years.

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