‘Twas the night before elections, and all throughout land
All the creatures were debating which party would land;
The polls were all posted on the FOX website with care
In hopes that the margin of error would not come to bear;
The candidates were all nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of victory speeches rehearsed in their heads;
And Democrats all smiling, Republicans so sad,
For those in power the news looked bad,
When at the polling places there arose such a clatter,
The voters were deciding the heart of the matter.

So to the cameras the candidates did run,
To comment on this person or that other one...
As the moon in the sky began to fall low,
The sun did glimmer and give off a faint glow,
When, what to the politically minded did occur,
That the results of this election would stay obscure,
For quite a long time, a legal battle or two,
because many who lost would rather sue,
So get ready for the election, in so many states,
Just who is in power we will have to wait:
"Watch Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Tennessee,
so many decisions, so many counties.
Vote away! Vote Away! Vote away all!
Get to the election booths, to the election halls,
Get out the Vote, Get out the Vote, Please vote today!
The government is in the voters hands, at least for one day!