Tunnel Under Gaza-Egypt Border Collapses

A tunnel under the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt collapsed on Saturday, but Palestinian security officials weren't immediately able to say whether it was dug to smuggle contraband or weapons to Palestinian militants.

A Palestinian security official said rescuers were trying to dig out two people thought to be trapped under the debris.

The official, Col. Hussein Abu Omar, said the tunnel was dug from inside a Gaza house some 100 meters from the border with Egypt. It was not clear how far it extended into Egypt.

Abu Omar had no details about the owner of the house or further information about the tunnel.

Bulldozers removed debris to help rescuers search for people buried in the rubble.

"What we know right now is that a tunnel collapsed and there are people inside," Abu Omar said.

Israel has long accused Egypt of not doing enough to stop the smuggling of weapons to Palestinian militants. Egypt has rejected the allegations, but recently said it would make a greater effort to crack down on the trafficking.