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Cabinet Shift: “Dayside” is tracking the changes in the president's Cabinet as National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice (search) is named as the next U.S. secretary of state. FOX News correspondent James Rosen will bring us the latest from the White House. Plus, we’ll talk to FOX’s Pentagon correspondent Bret Baier who’ll tell us who could be next in the Bush Cabinet shake-up.

New Role: With the naming of Condoleezza Rice as Bush’s choice to take over as secretary of state, we’ll find out how Rice will fill the role from someone who’s know her for over 20 years as Kiron Skinner, a professor of international relations at Carnegie Mellon University (search) and author of the new book, "Reagan's Path To Victory,” joins “Dayside.”

Specter Drama: He wants to be the next chairman of the Senate judiciary committee, but he's running into resistance, our correspondent Brian Wilson will tell us all about the strange drama behind Senator Arlen Specter's job search.

Money, Money, Money: Plus, are you ready for retirement? All around smart guy, Ben Stein drops by the set to offer some helpful hints for making the most of your golden years.

Afghanistan Unveiled: A fascinating new documentary is airing Tuesday night on PBS (click here for local listings) featuring 14 young Afghan women who speak in their own words about how life has changed for them since the fall of the Taliban. It's called "Afghanistan Unveiled" and we’ll have one of the documentary’s advisors on hand to tell us about this project.

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