Tuesday, June 29: Shock Jock

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Saddam’s Status: “DaySide” has brand new information about Saddam Hussein (search) being charged for his crimes. What will happen to the former dictator after the new Iraqi government takes legal custody of him? We’ll ask Jonathan Winer, former deputy assistant secretary of State.

Plus, within minutes of history being made and sovereignty handed over in Iraq, critics started claiming that this new government is a façade and that the U.S. is really still in control. We’ll get reaction from Rend al-Rahim, Iraqi ambassador designate to the United States.

And, have you seen some of the things the European press is saying about the transfer of power in Iraq? We report, you decide if it’s fair and balanced.

Cowardly Act: While friends and family of U.S. Army Specialist Matt Maupin wait for official word on his fate, we'll get reaction to a report that he has been executed from Lorenzo Vidino, senior terrorism analyst with the Investigative Project.

Hard Evidence? What do photos from inside the Peterson's home -- just hours after Laci vanished -- reveal? We’ll ask Stan Goldman, FOX News legal editor.

Plus, why didn't police investigate a female neighbor that was infatuated with Scott Peterson. Especially since she broke into the Peterson home when Laci went missing?

Moore Criticism: Michael Moore's new film has America talking. But is it fact or fiction?

Shock Jock: Virtually every poll right now shows the presidential race is very tight. The undecided vote will no doubt be key. Can radio shock jock Howard Stern swing their vote?
We’ll ask Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers magazine, and FOX News political analysts Rich Lowry and Ellis Henican.

Those stories and the latest editions of Only on Fox and Stupid Criminals on today's edition of "DaySide with Linda Vester."

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