Tuesday, July 8: Killer Instinct?

Matthew Lovett (search) was known as an angry young man: He dressed all in black, drew violent pictures and walked around town with a baseball bat. Acquaintances said he kept a list of people who had teased him as far back as grade school.

But was Lovett capable of masterminding a plot to assassinate three teens and then go on a random killing spree? We’ll ask Lovett’s father Ron Lovett and Craig Mitnick, Lovett's attorney.

Plus, should Lovett and his accomplices be charged as adults? FOX News senior judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, weighs in.

And, should Lovett’s teachers have identified the potential threat the troubled-teen posed? We’ll ask Brooks Brown, who warned police about Eric Harris before the Columbine massacre.

Prosecutors said Monday it could be days before they decide whether to charge Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers' guard accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a hotel last week. So why was Bryant arrested if there might not be enough evidence to charge him? And how will his career and endorsements be affected by these allegations? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Kerry Puckhaber, prosecutor; Jonna Spilbor, defense attorney, and J.T. "The Brick", Fox Sports radio host.

Is there new evidence that could finally uncover the fate of missing Gulf War pilot Scott Speicher? We’ll be joined by Richard Adams, Speicher's nephew; Cindy Laquidara, Speicher family attorney, and retired U.S. Col. David Hunt, FOX News military analyst.

And, could a Supreme Court decision allow child molesters to go free? We’ll ask Jake Goldenflame, recovering child molester, and Marc Klass, founder of the Klass Kids.

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