Tuesday, August 5: Vote on Gay Bishop Delayed

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A vote by Episcopal (search) leaders on whether to confirm the church's first openly gay elected bishop was derailed in the 11th hour as allegations questioning both his name and reputation surfaced.

Just as bishops convened Monday to consider approving the Rev. V. Gene Robinson, allegations that he inappropriately touched a man were lobbed at the candidate and he came under scrutiny for his connection to a Web site that can indirectly link users to pornography.

But has there been a rush to judgment? What message does the delay of the vote send? We’ll be joined by David Anderson, president of the American Anglican Counsel.

The judge in the Kobe Bryant (search) case Monday rejected the NBA star's request to keep cameras out of the courtroom during his first court appearance on a sexual assault charge. How will this impact the case? We’ll get a preview of tomorrow’s hearing with Doug Burns, former prosecutor; Robert Gottlieb, criminal defense attorney, and Frazier Seitel of Emerald Partners PR.

Plus, should profanity be considered protected free speech for students in schools? We’ll examine the case of a Colorado student who has hired an attorney after cursing out a principal with Eric Vanatta, attorney; Brian Crosby, teacher and author, and Elizabeth Daub of the American Life League.

And, wait until you hear how one parish is trying to get more white people to attend church. We’ll investigate with Bishop Fred Caldwell; Bill Donahoe of the Catholic League, and Tricia White, white parishioner.

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