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It was great to be back on the show today! After three days off and Friday at Mayport Naval Base, I was back at 48th and 6th in midtown Manhattan and, as usual, we had a fun show.

I felt conflicted interviewing Floyd Landis — the current Tour de France winner is accused of failing a drug test after the race. I looked the quotes, saw the tests and it's hard to imagine something not going into his system. Yet, I personally found him so likeable. I hope I am wrong, but I just feel like the ruling will stand and he'll be stripped of his title.

Joe Piscopo was kind enough to come by and stick around for the talking points and to reenact the Larry King/Paris Hilton interview. I just could not believe how painful a conversation I was forced to witness Wednesday night. I really thought Paris was going to just run away with the hour because she's been in a cage for 20-plus days, but she looked like the same self-centered party girl she was before the Big House. Can you imagine still blaming your publicist for not telling you that your license was suspended after prison? Not one PR expert went over her spin before she did national TV? She actually said it was hard being strip searched in prison — if anyone would be comfortable naked, might it be the star on her own home X-rated movie?

Who wants more publicity and would go to greater extremes to get it: Rosie O'Donnell for dressing up her kid as an armed solider or Paris Hilton pretending she has been reluctant media creation?

Nationally, we touched on the immigration debate. The passion that fuels the debate is like nothing else I have seen in recent years. I can't believe how fractured the Republicans look and how quiet the Democrats have been.

What should be my last two stops on my book tour are coming up in the next two days as I go to Davis Kidd Books in Nashville tonight and Fort Benning, Georgia tomorrow as in Friday. Seeing all of your at Patrick Air Base, Mayport and Tampa has been a real treat. Remember, if I am not coming to your town, you can go to www.briankilmeade.com and if you choose, get a personalized copy. In case you do not know, this book is called "It's How You Play the Game: The Powerful Sports Moments That Taught Lasting Values to America's Finest," and I hope its as much fun to read as it was to write.

Thanks for keeping us No. 1 and make sure you wait till 9 a.m. ET to hit the beach this summer!


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