The laugh's on Trump, Fats Domino likes to eat and CEO Mel Gibson in today's Foxlight.

So Donald Trump (search) is being roasted by the Friars -- but can he take it?  According to The New York Post, he walked out of a roast for Hugh Hefner when some of the jokes were aimed at him -- The Donald claimed he had to go to Atlantic City. Club honcho Freddie Roman says "after two hours of roasting, Donald should be well done on both sides." Foxlight suggestion? Invite ex-wife Ivana Trump as the guest of "dishonor."

Fats Domino (search) says he likes being fat, so stop telling him to lose weight. The man who looks like he ate blueberry hill is 5' 4" and 245 pounds.  He says his typical meal is a large vat of gumbo made with 20 pounds of shrimp, crabs and sausage. It's expensive being Fats -- he says "very seldom does a day pass that I don't spend $200 cooking."

Finally, Mel Gibson (search) the new Michael Eisner? A consortium of European investors is courting Mel to take over Disney.

"Gibson has the sensibilities Hollywood needs," according to a source close to the actor.

The people behind the push point to "The Passion" and say that's the kind of profitability they like. I like Bob Sommerby from dailyhowler.com's observation -- "that remake of Bambi is going to be brutal."