Truck Crash in Florida Causes 3 Million Nickels to Spill on Highway

A truck carrying millions of nickels crashed into another truck on Interstate 95 in Florida, spilling about $185,000 in change onto the highway.

Investigators from the Florida Highway Patrol said one semi-truck rear-ended another, causing about 3 million nickels to pour onto the road, according to

The collision caused one of the trucks to hit a guard rail and overturn, killing a passenger inside.

It wasn't clear which of the two vehicles was transporting the nickels.

The accident shut down I-95 for hours this morning, as crews worked to clear the highway and waited for the Secret Service to come and collect the money, according to

Both drivers were taken to the hospital and listed in stable condition.

The nickels were on their way from Miami to the U.S. mint in Philadelphia, according to

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