Former “Bachelorette” Trista Sutter says she had a difficult time dropping the 43 pounds she gained before giving birth to her second child in April.

In an interview with Life and Style magazine, the pint-sized reality star, who says she is normally around 110 pounds, said she gained about 10 more pounds while pregnant with 6-month-old Blakesley than with 2-year-old Max.

After giving birth via Caesarian section, Sutter said getting back into exercise was difficult. “For obvious reasons, my abs were the one area that didn’t jump right back into position after I had Blakesley, so I’m still really focused on working on them and getting more toned,” Sutter said.

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But the hardest part for Sutter, who admits that she didn’t struggle “with weight all my life,” was accepting herself.

“I’m definitely my own worst critic … I’m very critical of how I look and feel, mainly because I want to feel sexy for my husband,” Sutter said of her “Bachelorette” husband of nearly six years, Ryan Sutter.

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