Triple Rocket Explosions Kill 5 Outside Afghan Police Headquarters

An attack against Kabul's police headquarters saw a rocket fired into a crowd of civilians before a truck full of rockets exploded nearby early Saturday, officials said. Five people were killed and five wounded.

The truck contained five 107 mm rockets rigged to explode, said Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi, the Defense Ministry spokesman. He said two of the rockets detonated in the explosion but that three did not. The sound of the blast reverberated through Kabul around 8:20 a.m.

Moments earlier, a rocket was fired — apparently by remote control — toward the police station, but it instead landed in a crowd of civilians, said Najib Nekzad, a press officer for the Ministry of Interior. Nekzad said five civilians were killed and five wounded in the attack.

Officials said three distinct explosions were heard during the attack.

Nekzad speculated that the first explosion was the rocket that was fired toward the police headquarters. A second explosion appeared to have gone off near the truck, perhaps to lure police officers toward the vehicle. The third explosion — the largest by far — was the sound of the vehicle exploding, Nekzad said.

No attacker's body was found, Nekzad said, leading police to believe that the attack was detonated remotely.