TrimSpa CEO: 'Heartbreak' Killed Anna Nicole

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JOHN GIBSON, HOST: Now, the "Big Mystery": She's been dead for nearly a week, and every day new revelations about Anna Nicole drug haze and whacked out final days. More on that in a second.

But first, forget the rest in peace, no chance of that until the battle over her body is resolved. Today a Florida judge ordered the morgue not to release the corpse. Then a judge in Los Angeles lifted a request that the body be held for DNA testing as part of a paternity fight. Then a Florida judge heard another request for the body to be released for burial. No decision has been made as of this hour.

If you are confused, you are not alone. Does anyone paying any attention to whatever it might that Anna Nicole wanted? Her lawyer says she would not want her body to end up in her estranged mother's hands.


RON RALE, ANNA NICOLE'S ATTORNEY: We all know that Anna Nicole would not want Virgie to have control of her body. I am hoping and praying that the justice follows what intent of Anna Nicole was.


GIBSON: So as things stand right now, Anna Nicole Smith is free to be buried and she might want to be underground fast with what is being reviewed about her in brand new court documents.

With me now, Trimspa CEO Alex Goen; he was a close friend of his company's former spokeswoman, Anna Nicole Smith. And has spoken to Mr. Howard K. Stern — only today?


GIBSON: What does he got to report today?

GOEN: Well, I mean, or conversations are rather confidential, but I guess he's very frustrated about all of the different stories that are outside, in the media. That you have people that are coming out of the woodwork that are claiming the new Anna, they're close friends of Anna, they're a god mother of her child. I mean, it is just one story after the other. And it's rather frustrating to be in the middle of it all.

GIBSON: Let me put up on screen, something for you to read, Alex. Anna Nicole's last days, these are from affidavits that have been filed. We don't know exactly, but we think it is in Larry Birkhead's case. She ordered these drugs, including Demerol, while she was eight months pregnant. She ordered that nanny to under feed the baby, so the baby would be "sexy".

And she was having a sexual relationship everyday with that Bahamas immigration official, named Sean Gibson.

Now, this is coming to us from And they obtained these affidavits, which have come evidently as a part of some lawsuit. What do you think that Howard K. Stern would say about these allegations today?

GOEN: I think he'd say they were ridiculous. I mean, it's — Anna was an incredibly a caring mother. Everyone that saw Anna realized that she loved her son, and she loved her daughter. I think that's crazy. As far as the relationship, I believe there was one relationship going on and that was with Howard K. Stern.

GIBSON: But Alex, these are medical records that show her ordering Demerol in her eight month of pregnancy. The order was fulfilled, the drugs were sent to her. We've seen the pictures. I mean, you've seen the pictures inside the refrigerator. Methadone, Demerol, and some diet drink — that wasn't yours, by the way.

GOEN: Right I saw the picture. And understand the picture was authenticated. I ask, what the heck does that mean? No one can tell me — any government agency that authenticates these pictures. You have to look at these pictures and wonder why all the pictures are kind of pointed a certain way — or the labels are pointed so they can all can show that to the camera. I mean, it's just a little, certainly of a concern.

As far as the other point that you made, Anna’s use of prescription drugs. I mean, that is a personal thing between your doctor and Anna Nicole. I do not know why she took those prescription drugs. But if the doctor suggested it, the doctor said she needed them, then she needed them.

GIBSON: In her eighth month of pregnancy?

GOEN: I have no idea. That's something I can't comment on.

GIBSON: OK, here's this affidavit from — I'll tell you what this goes to. Howard K. Stern is saying he should be the father. He should take care of the baby.

Now you’ve got a nanny, alleging, that while Howard K. Stern was running that household, looking over Anna Nicole and the baby, the nanny was getting orders from Anna Nicole, don't over feed this baby. She actually lowered the amount of food the nanny was giving the baby because she wanted the baby to be slim and sexy.

She also ordered the nanny to make sure that — she told the nanny she'd kill her, if she ever heard that baby calling her, the nanny, mommy. And the nanny said that the immigration official, Shane or Sean Gibson, from the Bahamas, was in her bedroom locked up in there for hours everyday. And this was going on in the home that Howard K. Stern was maintaining for Anna Nicole and the baby.

GOEN: I mean, this is one person's word against another person. You have to understand, when it comes to these stories, unfortunately a bad, negative story sells a lot better than a good story. I mean, you have to really question a lot of these stories. You have to question all these people that knew Anna, and were such good friends. You would have thought Anna had an incredible amount of friends, yet she was the loneliest person that I ever met.

GIBSON: Yes, but Alex, come on. She died of an overdose. You look at her refrigerator, it's loaded up with Methadone and other drugs. I mean, she clearly — something killed her. It was not an accident. She died of a — she was not leading a very healthy life.

Now, you have your friend, Howard K. Stern, saying I have — I have the best interest of the baby at heart. I should be keeping care of the baby. All of that stuff was allegedly going on while he was supervising the house.

GOEN: Well, you said she died of an overdose. I have not heard that she died of an overdose. Is that conclusive? I mean, I heard that there was no pills found in her stomach. I haven't heard anything about that.

GIBSON: The drugs in her refrigerator were liquids.

GOEN: Well, just because drugs were in her refrigerator, does it mean that they were there, or does it mean someone could have planted them there?

GIBSON: You think she did not die of a combination of drug overdose?

GOEN: What I think, I think she died of a heart break. I really do.
Now, of course, you can't really die of a heart break.

GIBSON: Died of a heart break?

GOEN: You can't die of a broken heart. She lost her son four or five months earlier. You know, when the first few months that she lost her son, she was crying herself to sleep every single day.

GIBSON: Then why did the people watching over her let her have liquid methadone in her refrigerator?

GOEN: I don't know if they did or they didn't. I never saw it. I never saw Anna take any kind of drug.

GIBSON: Look at the refrigerator, Alex. This is the — Howard is saying, Howard K. Stern is saying, I should have this baby.

GOEN: Right.

GIBSON: This was all going on, unless he can prove otherwise, in the house — there's the refrigerator. In the house that he was overseeing for her.

GOEN: I saw the refrigerator. I've been in her house. I saw her refrigerator. She never had that in her refrigerator. So, I mean, was that in her refrigerator? I don't think anyone knows for sure. Absolutely, no one knows for sure. I believe someone went out there, and placed those items in the refrigerator, because it gets great press. It's going to make big money.

GIBSON: You think they were planted?

GOEN: I do.

GIBSON: You don't think drugs had anything to do with her death?

GOEN: You know, as far illegal drugs, I definitely don't think so.

GIBSON: Prescription drugs?

GOEN: As far as prescription drugs? I really don't know. I can't tell for sure.

GIBSON: Take a look at this, I mean, Anna Nicole's final resting place. Here's the argument, right now. With Daniel in the Bahamas, in Texas, where her mother wants her to be, at her birthplace, in Texas. Or put off — and put on hold for DNA tests. Which should it be?

GOEN: I think she should be next to Daniel in the Bahamas. I mean she went out there and purchased four gravesites. She did it for a reason. Daniel didn't need four gravesites. And they were right next to each other. One clearly was for her and one was, I believe for Howard K. Stern.

GIBSON: All right, Alex Goen, he is with Trimspa, and a close associate of both of Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern.

Alex, thanks very much.

GOEN: Thank you very much.

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