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BRET BAIER, GUEST HOST: Joseph Duncan (search), prime suspect in the killing of Anthony Martinez, charged in the triple homicide and the kidnappings of Shasta and Dylan Groene (search), being investigated in the deaths of two sisters in Seattle, and now the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has said they are looking into a host of children they believe Duncan may have victimized or killed in a cross country spree.

Geraldo filed this profile. Take a look:


GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS: Like most sexual predators, Duncan constantly wrestled with his own inner demons and often lost, committing uncounted offenses, only ambiguously admitted in the electronic diary he left behind. It documents his dissent into hell. On one of his several Web sites, he writes on Sunday April 24th of this year of "wrestling with demons. These demons are stronger. I'm afraid, very afraid. If they win, then a lot of people will be badly hurt and they've had their way before. So I know what they can do." Then on Wednesday, May 11 said "the demons have taken over. My intent is to harm society as much as I can and then die. I was in prison for over 18 years. All those years I dreamed of getting out and getting even. Instead I got out got and I got even but did not get caught. So I figured, well, I got even twice, actually, more but that's neither her nor there. So now what?"

Then, finally late in the afternoon of Friday, May 13, just two and a half days before the gruesome triple homicide in Coeur D'Alene (search), Idaho, that begins the Groene family's terror and loss, Duncan admits to being a felony fugitive now and boasts how he's been working on a coded journal with its "hundreds of times more frank than this blog could ever be." A review of the various records that chronicle his wretched life reveals a selfish, deeply sick, disturbingly violent ex-con Jekyll and Hyde, who could turn on the charm, mostly with middle-aged bisexual and gay men and get them to believe the best about him even as he plotted the worst crimes imaginable.

Repeatedly, he sought out such men to vouch for his reliable to various parole boards, post his bail, get him into college and even help find him jobs. There was David Woelfert, the Seattle area county official who championed Duncan's cause for years with a series of agencies, giving the walking time bomb financial as well as moral support. And Richard Wacksman, the North Dakota doctor who lent him money and apparently fell in love with Duncan despite the fact the doctor had a wife and kids. And finally, there was Joe Crary, the North Dakota businessman who put up the 15 grand bail. They freed the wretched beast just days before Duncan allegedly acted out his Web site pledge, to "harm society as much as I can, then die."

Sadly the only deaths so far have been among the innocent.


BAIER: Joining me now is Steve Huff. Steve is an Atlanta area blogger who has been tracking Duncan's movements and posting.

Steve, thanks for coming in.


BAIER: Listen, you were first to make the connection to Anthony Martinez on July 16, well, before the police made their announcement this week. How did you link Duncan to the Martinez murder?

HUFF: Technically, I probably wasn't the first but what happened was I had put out, after Duncan was arrested, a message on my blog, just in a part of an entry, asking people who knew of missing persons or unsolved murders, to send me URLs or links about them. And I specified the criteria because it looked like to me that if Duncan is guilty of these crimes, he had a certain type of victim that he went after. And people began sending me links to the National Center for Missing Children pages, the CharleyProject.org pages.

BAIER: So these are all clues on the web that you followed up on.

HUFF: Right.

BAIER: And essentially knew that he was into computer science and started that way?

HUFF: Exactly. Basically, the moment I heard, after he got arrested, that he was a computer science major, I knew he'd probably have tracks all over the web. And knowing if he was what he's accused of being, which is a narcissistic psychopath, he couldn't help but put his own name with those tracks. And so, he was actually rather easy to track after a while.

But as far as the Martinez murder, basically, somebody sent me an e- mail and said, "Do you think Duncan looks like the suspect composite from that murder?" And frankly, I did, and so, I wrote about it at length. At first, I was kind of doubtful, but after talking with more people via e- mail and on the phone, I was convinced.

BAIER: Yes. You now believe Duncan is connected to the abduction of an Oklahoma girl named Kirsten Hatfield? Why do you do that?

HUFF: That's right. I was looking for cases that happened when Duncan was a fugitive in 1997, and that would be abductions or unsolved murders of children under the age of 11, generally, and one of them was Kirsten's abduction, and she's never been found, from a Midwest city, Oklahoma, on May 13 or 14 of 1997, almost exactly eight years before the Groene murders. And Kirsten resembled, to my eye, Shasta Groene.

BAIER: I think we have a picture that puts them together. Hold on one second.

HUFF: Sure.

BAIER: A graphic that puts both girls next to each other and you can kind of see they do resemble each other. And that's how you first linked it together?

HUFF: That and Duncan had a sister living in Edin, Oklahoma 100 miles or so to the northwest of Midwest City. And it appears that when he was finally arrested in 1997, he was at his sister's in Kansas City, Missouri, so it appeared to me that he might go to his sister's for support if he is on the lamb. They may not even know he's on the lamb. And if he was in the Oklahoma area, it just seemed pretty logical.

BAIER: And Steve, we should point out, our producers talked to the police in Oklahoma. The police said they are investigating a possible connection. They don't have anything to report at this time.

HUFF: Right.

BAIER: But they wouldn't comment that a link could be ruled out.

HUFF: That's good.

BAIER: Police are looking into it.

Last thing, quickly, why do you do this?

HUFF: I do it in part because I'm a dad and I have five children of my own. And I think people need to know the minds of predators like Duncan. I do it in part because I've always been fascinating with true crime. I think, in part, if anything, at the bottom of it all, it's almost like sounding a warning, if that makes any sense, putting out the call and saying hey, you need to pay attention to that. If you have children, this is the kind of minds you need to protect them from.

BAIER:All right, Steve, thanks so much for coming in.

HUFF: Thank you.

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