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SUSAN LEVY, MOTHER OF MISSING GIRL: I'm hoping to find my daughter, bring her home back alive. I'm hoping to complete my family.


PAULA ZAHN, HOST: And welcome back to THE EDGE.

On the "Investigative Edge" tonight: the mysterious disappearance of a government intern. Twenty-four-year-old Chandra Ann Levy last seen on April 30th in Washington, D.C. Her parents say they haven't heard from her since May 1st, and they were expecting her back home in California to attend her graduate school commencement ceremony. Investigators say they have few clues to go on. But questions are now being raised about the Levys' relationship with California congressman Gary Condit, who represents Chandra Levy's home district. He describes himself as a friend of Levy's and has helped set up a reward fund.

Joining me now with late-breaking information from Washington is Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, who met with the missing woman's parents today.



ZAHN: What can you tell us about what Dr. and Mrs. Levy shared with you today?

FEINSTEIN: Oh, they are desolated. I mean, I'm a mother. I've got, you know, one grown daughter, three grown step-daughters. If one of them just disappeared -- I mean, you know it's the worst living moment of a parent. And they are going through it now. There won't be anything else on earth that will be as hard as this. They've done all the right things, I think. They're trying to concentrate attention so that anybody that might have seen her in the DuPont Circle area of Washington, even or Californians who might recognize the picture, would pick up the phone and call the hot line. They're very eager to get any information they can.

ZAHN: Do they suspect foul play, at this point?

FEINSTEIN: Well, we didn't talk about foul play. Obviously, that looms in the back and sometimes even in the front of everyone's mind. She's been gone a long time. She didn't have a pattern of this kind of irresponsibility. Her bags were packed. Even her jewelry was on the table. And she's just disappeared. So we've got FBI, Washington, D.C., police, and there is a very -- there's a $30,000 reward for anyone that can provide the return of Chandra Levy to her parents. It's not conviction, it's the return.

ZAHN: And what do you make of the stories linking Congressman Condit with Chandra Levy?

FEINSTEIN: Well, I don't make anything of it. You know, back here, everybody is fast to jump to conclusions. I think the investigation has to proceed. I don't think it should be tainted by speculation or this kind of talk. I mean, I've known Gary Condit for a long, time, and I'm sure he didn't have anything to do with her disappearance.

ZAHN: I wanted to quickly read part of a statement that he has sent out. And he said, quote, "This is about Chandra Levy. All of us should focus our efforts on getting her home. This matter is under investigation by the police. They should be fully supported. I urge anyone with facts or other information related to this office to contact the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police. It is not appropriate for any of us to make any further public comments about the facts of this case or to speculate about a matter that is under police investigation. Our hopes and prayers are with the Levy family and for Chandra's safe return."

Did her parents talk about Mr. Condit at all today?


ZAHN: In your conversation?

FEINSTEIN: No. We did not -- they did not bring him up. As a matter of fact, they were asked a question outside my office. They did not answer it.

ZAHN: And where do they think the answer lies? A couple of friends have reported seeing her many days after her last conversation with her parents.

FEINSTEIN: Oh, well, that's news to me. I did not know that. And if that's true, it's very important. I hope those friends have gotten in touch with the police department. It's inexplicable because I gather, you know, her bags were packed by the door. Somebody's not going to leave, I think, without her purse and some of her personal things. And so we're just going to have to wait and see. This is one of those terrible things. I think it's also -- there's deep concern because another young woman disappeared, and later her body was found from that same -- she disappeared from that same area. So obviously, people think and wonder is there somebody out there that might have been preying on women.

ZAHN: And in closing tonight, is there any other recommendation you can make? We put up the phone numbers that people can contact. Anything else you want to share with us tonight?

FEINSTEIN: No. My staff has volunteered to go out tonight and spread these flyers around the DuPont Circle area. I think that's just great. Our staff in California's going to spread them around the state. There's a very fine foundation, the Sund-Carrington from Eureka, California, that's also trying to be helpful to the Levys. And you know, I think the important thing is if anybody at the Board of Prisons, where she was an intern in the Department of Justice, heard anything that you might even think is silly, that you might not want to tell a police officer, pick up the phone and call the hotline. It is really important that the police get all of the information they possibly can as fast as they possibly can.

ZAHN: All right, Senator Feinstein, appreciate your sharing what Dr. Levy and Mrs. Levy had to tell you earlier tonight.

FEINSTEIN: You're welcome. Thanks, Paula.

ZAHN: And when we come back: Did Al Gore play dirty during the Florida recount? We will talk to the author of a new book who says he did.

And then Katherine Harris will drop by with reaction to some of the bombshells in the book that involve her.

Before we go, here is information if you know anything about Chandra Levy's whereabouts.

We'll be right back.


If you have information about Chandra Levy: www.findchandra.com, www.findchandra.org or contact Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police at (202) 282-0043


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