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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Flight attendant Anne Marie Smith disclosed on Fox News Channel that she had a year-long affair with Congressman Gary Condit. Has Anne Marie Smith told us everything she knows?

Joining us now, Miss Smith's attorney, James Robinson.

Mr. Robinson, good to have you with us.


COLMES: I'd like to ask you that question we just billboarded. Has she told us everything she knows?

ROBINSON: Has she told you? No. She hasn't.

COLMES: Well, not me personally, but has she told the world everything she knows?

ROBINSON: Well, she's told -- she's told authorities everything she knows. We spent two full days with the FBI and the U.S. attorney's office last week going over things in just absolutely minute detail.

COLMES: If the world, the rest of the world, knew everything they authorities knew, would we be much more shocked than we are now?


COLMES: How so?

ROBINSON: There are things that I've been asked not to talk to the press about because of the fact that it's a criminal investigation. We don't want a lot of copycat witnesses coming forward saying that they also had an affair with...

COLMES: Are you talking about things of a sexual nature?


COLMES: That if we found out, we would be surprised?


COLMES: Well, we'll go for a two-word answer now. I know these are things you can't really talk about. Let's talk about the attempt to get Anne Marie to sign an affidavit saying that -- denying the affair. Does that affidavit -- do you have that affidavit? Do you have a copy of that?

ROBINSON: It's all over Fox studios, everywhere in America. You should -- you should have a copy by now.

COLMES: Right. And you believe that that is a -- that is valid. You believe everything your client is telling you.

ROBINSON: Do I believe the affidavit is valid?


ROBINSON: The affidavit is -- is -- if she would have signed it, would have been perjury. And I didn't let her sign it. And this -- this spin that Abbe Lowell's putting out that...

COLMES: Right.

ROBINSON: ... that somehow I had asked for this thing -- that's ludicrous. If I want to have my client sign an affidavit, I draft it, she signs it, and that's that.

COLMES: Right.

ROBINSON: I don't get involved with other attorneys having affidavits for my clients unless they want the affidavit.

COLMES: What makes you believe that everything your client's saying is true?

ROBINSON: I've known her for 12 years. I've never known her to tell a lie about anything.

COLMES: You -- the bodyguard for Gary Condit, former bodyguard, Vincent Flammini, says that he had a vasectomy. He could not impregnate anybody.

ROBINSON: Correct.

COLMES: Your client has a different view.

ROBINSON: She asked him whether he had had a vasectomy. I mean, they were having a sexual relationship. It's a normal question to ask. And he said, "No, and I hope you're -- you're taking care of that yourself," or words to that effect.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Mr. Robinson, welcome to the program. Sean Hannity here. You answered Alan's question that if there -- things were revealed of a sexual nature that it would shock the country. Are there things of another nature that would shock the country if they were revealed, if we were to understand them?

ROBINSON: Not -- not particularly. There are a lot of details about how Mr. Condit moves about, switching cars, et cetera, et cetera, where does he do this, who does it for him, things like that.

HANNITY: You were asked in response to Abbe Lowell's comments -- you called the congressman a "serial predator of women." Explain.

ROBINSON: There are many, many women out there that -- look at -- look at the driver, Vince -- used to brag about, you know, keeping score, so to speak, with all these women.

HANNITY: But a serial predator of women? I mean -- in the case of your client, Anne Marie Smith, this was a consensual relationship. Correct?

ROBINSON: Well, yes. The man is certainly anything but truthful about almost anything in his life.

HANNITY: Let's go to the comments of Abbe Lowell, when he mentioned your client, Mr. Robinson, and we'll get your response.



ABBE LOWELL, CONGRESSMAN CONDIT'S ATTORNEY: I don't understand yesterday, I don't understand today, and I don't understand tomorrow what anything about Anne Marie Smith has to do with the disappearance of Chandra Levy. Unless somebody can point that out, I don't understand why he should be asked about it either with a polygraph, without a polygraph, or I should be asked about it at this conference.


HANNITY: He was asking your client -- he was suborning perjury. Your response to that, sir?

ROBINSON: Exactly. He called my client repeatedly after June 15th. When I told Don Thornton that my client would not be signing anything near to that affidavit because it would be perjury, the congressman then started -- without my knowledge called my client on several occasions and tried to talk her into signing that affidavit. And that's suborning perjury.


ROBINSON: The other thing -- let me just say this. If Mr. Lowell just doesn't understand -- my client saw physical evidence in that apartment of Chandra Levy being there, and the congressman never admitted even -- barely knowing Chandra Levy until the third police interview. And then Abbe Lowell gets on there and he says, "I don't understand. The police asked my client the wrong questions." You know, give me a break!

HANNITY: Mr. Robinson, when we get back to the initial statement that your client, Anne Marie Smith, made to our own Rita Cosby that this conversation that took place with the congressman, when he made a call -- "I'm in trouble. You may not see me for a while" -- that strikes me as odd and peculiar. What are your thoughts on that?

ROBINSON: Strikes me as odd and peculiar, also.


ROBINSON: And apparently, according to Dick Thornton, that was approximately the same day that he secretly hired Abbe Lowell as a criminal attorney to start handling all this. And then he came out in the press and denied, "I don't have a criminal attorney. I don't need a criminal attorney. I'm not a suspect." And here's Abbe Lowell already being retained.

HANNITY: Your client made a statement that she understood that a couple of people have been threatened and afraid. She urged them that there's safety in telling the truth. She went on and said especially if there have been threats made, there's a safety in coming forward, safety in women, other women telling their story. Do you know specific threats that were made?

ROBINSON: Yes, I do.

HANNITY: Can you tell us and elaborate on it?

ROBINSON: Not -- not really. No, I can't. I've been asked not to comment on that by the FBI.

HANNITY: But I have to infer from what you're saying these threats had to have made by the Congress.

ROBINSON: They were -- the ones that I'm aware of were not -- did not come from the congressman. They came from an anonymous telephone call. It was not -- it was not Congressman Condit on the phone, but there were threats made specifically relating to this -- to this investigation.

HANNITY: That's somewhat chilling, what you're saying there, sir. Salon.com has a -- and we're going to get into this a little bit more in a segment -- quotes a member of the congressman's office bringing up the sexual past of -- even though they're denying they said it now, but it was reported. It was defended on The O'Reilly Factor earlier tonight. Was that ever a factor in -- in anything that happened with your client or a threat made, subtle or otherwise?

ROBINSON: No. Anne Marie was never threatened by the congressman.

HANNITY: Right. All right, I want to -- I want to ask a little bit - - and go into a little bit more detail as it relates to the lie-detector test. What are your thoughts on it? You think it was a sham?

ROBINSON: It's bizarre. If you -- if you're a criminal attorney and you've got a criminal suspect as a client and you want to -- you want to raise the issue of a lie-detector test, what you do is you secretly have your client take a lie-detector test. And if he -- if he does well, then you volunteer and you walk across the street...


ROBINSON: ... and have the real one. This is bizarre.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this question, then. I understand that the FBI and D.C. police have proof that Chandra made a series of lengthy phone calls to an ultra-private phone line just before Chandra Levy disappeared. Feds are looking into the possibility of this. And also the issue of the congressman losing his temper on occasions and what you -- what light you can shed on those two issues.

ROBINSON: He did lose his temper on one occasion with my client. She did become afraid of him in that situation. As to the phone number, there's a specific phone number in Washington, D.C., that is an answering service that is not in Mr. Condit's name. It's in a woman's name. I don't recall the woman's name. But that's -- that was the M.O., so to speak, that -- that he would call, if he didn't get through, you called back and called this -- this secret number. And I have seen the phone records, and it's -- it's the same number Anne Marie had and Chandra Levy had.

COLMES: Mr. Robinson, when you say he lost his temper -- are you -- are you alleging an abusive relationship?

ROBINSON: No. I am saying that on one specific occasion, he lost his temper with my client. She didn't really -- it didn't really register that -- that what -- what the situation was until investigators said, "Well, do you think that was really him losing his temper?" And she said, "Oh, my God. Yes, it was."

COLMES: Do you know what spurred it?

ROBINSON: It was finding evidence of a sexual nature that my client had nothing to do with in his apartment.

COLMES: That when she found something -- when she found something, and he -- he went a little crazy because she had found something and...

ROBINSON: And she confronted him with it, and he -- the man is all about control. He seeks out women that he can control. Anne is a wonderful person. You know, I don't -- I don't know Chandra Levy, but Anne is a wonderful person, but she is the type of person that a man could -- could just start to tell her what to do, and she would do it.

COLMES: Right. What is your suspicion here? Do you -- are you putting all this together, suggesting that Gary Condit was personally involved in the disappearance of Chandra Levy? Is that what your belief is?

ROBINSON: You know, I don't -- I don't know. I hope that we get to the bottom of this. I hope that for the congressman's sake, if he -- if he's innocent, I hope we get to the bottom of it. If he's guilty, I hope that we get to the bottom of it. I just -- I just wish that he would completely come forward and tell the truth and -- and the other thing I'm very concerned about is the fact that this man has proven time and time again that he is not truthful, and he's on the most sensitive committee in Congress.

COLMES: Well, how do you know that he hasn't told the truth to the authorities? We know he hasn't gone public, and I think he should. But you don't know what he said privately to the police, do you.

ROBINSON: When Chief Gainer was asked about Abbe Lowell's comment that -- Abbe Lowell said, "Well, he didn't admit to the Chandra Levy affair until the third interview because the police didn't ask the right questions," come on. Please.

COLMES: So you don't -- Anne Marie -- did she paint him as a trustworthy person? Did she say mostly positive things about him? Is her view of him more positive than negative?

ROBINSON: Her view is that he's a very charming person. This is not a play on words, but I've always said that con men are the nicest people you'll ever meet, that -- he was -- he was very nice, very charming, and she was taken in by him.

HANNITY: Mr. Robinson, thank you for your time tonight. We know you're busy. We appreciate you being with us on Hannity & Colmes. Hope you'll come back again.

ROBINSON: Thanks for having me.

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