Below is the remarkable 911 call from a frantic mother and father trying to explain that their son has floated off in a flying saucer — one they say "emits a million volts on the outer skin" every five minutes and could electrocute their 6-year-old.

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Dispatcher: Ma'am, what's your name?
Mayumi Heene: My name is Mayumi Heene.
Dispatcher: Ok. And you're at the 5434 Fossil Ridge Drive Now?... And so it was an experimental plane?
MH: It's a flying saucer.
Dispatcher: It's a flying saucer? And that's gone too, right? Is the flying saucer gone as well?
MH: Yes, um, about 20 minutes or so.
Dispatcher: They've both been missing for a bout 20 minutes?
MH: Yes. Oh my God, oh my God my son!
Dispatcher: Hang on just one second don't hang up, ok? Ma'am, does it have any kind of a tracking device or anything on it?
MH: No, no nothing.
Dispatcher: Ok, is it electronical?
MH: Uh, you know I needed to talk with husband. ...
Dispatcher: Ok I can't understand what you're saying ma'am. Does he know how to work the flying saucer?
MH: Yes. I think he's calling somebody.
Dispatcher: He's what?
MH: He's calling somebody.
Dispatcher: He's calling somebody?
MH: Yeah.
Dispatcher: Who's calling somebody?
MH: My husband.
Dispatcher: Ok, let me talk to him.
MH: Rick! He's coming over.

Dispatcher: Hello? Hello? Ma'am, did you find him?
MH: No, we haven't found him yet.
Dispatcher: Ok, where was the saucer, was it in the backyard?
Richard Heene: Uh hello?
Dispatcher: Is this Richard?
RH: Yes it is.
Dispatcher: Ok how long has the 6-year-old been missing?
RH: Um, just a few minutes.
Dispatcher: Was the flying saucer in the backyard?
RH: Yes.
Dispatcher: Ok, so it obviously has electronics which he can know how to work and he gets it up off the air, off the ground?
RH: No, he doesn't know how they operate.
Dispatcher: He does not know how to operate, so and that's gone though too, right? And you're sure that he's in that?
RH: Yeah, we looked everywhere and then my son just said — he's terrified — he said yeah he went inside just before it went off. Because we have it tethered it wasn't supposed to take off.
Dispatcher: So was it running then?
RH: Well it doesn't run, it's filled with helium. And it operates off of a million volts to move left and right — horizontal. And we were testing it to find out what effects we could get.
Dispatcher: OK. And so it was last seen 20 minutes ago?
RH: Um, probably. I'm gonna check the time. Probably, yeah.
Dispatcher: Ok. So there's no electronics on it, there's no tracking device, right?
RH: No, no. I don't know whether it's possible you guys could detect the electricity that it emits, but every five minutes it comes on for one minute, and uh, it emits a million volts on the outer skin. And uh, if he takes a ride in it he could get electrocuted.
Dispatcher: Ok, so every five minutes it comes on for one minute and then shuts off again.
RH: Right.
Dispatcher: And it does that to charge?
RH: No, no, no, no.
Dispatcher: Ok, ok, that's ok. How big is this machine?
RH: It's 20 feet across. Are you there? It's (?) feet high.
Dispatcher: Ok. And the wind is blowing pretty good today, which direction is the wind blowing?
RH: Hold on one second. Who the hell is calling me?... It's blowing southeast. So he's headed right straight for the Loveland airport. I only hope the FAA you now was listening to me because if an aircraft hits it, I mean you know.
Dispatcher: So it might be headed for the Fort Collins, Loveland airport area
RH: Uh yeah, I think it's just the Loveland.
Dispatcher: Is it silver in color?
RH: Yeah, it's got aluminum foil on it, that's how it gets its charge.
Dispatcher: And its totally silver foil, right?
RH: Yes.
Dispatcher: Ok. And he has no idea how to turn it or anything is that right, no instruction has been given to him?
RH: No, no, there's no way to turn it, no.
Dispatcher: And he has no idea how to land it or anything right?
RH: No. And there's no communication — I mean it was just supposed to be in the backyard, you know?
Dispatcher: Ok hang on just a second don't hang up....

Dispatcher: Ok sir we've already contacted the FAA they've already been made aware of it. I'm gonna go ahead and call the Loveland airport and let them know as well, ok? Sir? Hello? Hello? Hello?

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