TONY SNOW, HOST, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: As we close this Sunday before Christmas, we're going to share part of an interview conducted earlier this week by Fox News senior White House correspondent Jim Angle.

He joined First Lady Laura Bush for a White House tour. And in an interview that will air in its entirety for the next three nights on Fox News channel, he began by asking what America has lost and found since September 11.


LAURA BUSH, FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES: I think we lost, certainly, our feelings of — we felt very — like we weren't vulnerable, I guess I would say. We lost that feeling.

But I think we found so much. We found how important our freedoms are. All the freedoms that we've taken for granted, I think we don't take for granted now. And we found how great our American people are, the way the firefighters and the policemen and all the people who literally sacrificed their lives. I think that let us know how strong we are as a country, the kind of real internal strength we have, and that really comes from from our people.

JIM ANGLE, FOX NEWS: You know, sometimes you don't really appreciate what you have...

BUSH: Until you've lost it.


... until it's threatened...

BUSH: That's right.

ANGLE: ... and you have to fight for it.

BUSH: That's right. And I think that's what happened. I think we were sort of in a — in our country, we were — first, we were quick to complain and we took everything for granted. And I think now we are a lot slower to complain and we're a lot kinder to people that we see, certainly to strangers. We're more willing to stand in line at an airport or whatever.

ANGLE: It now seems that everything that's happened to us in some ways is making the American people the "us" generation.

BUSH: I think that's right, and I really like that. That's the one silver lining, if there is a silver lining out of losing so many people. But that is certainly one good thing that's come out of it.

ANGLE: People get impatient with things and tend to get caught up in little, I think it's fair to say, meaningless details. This year will not be remembered for that.

BUSH: I think that's right. We all know now that all that was so trivial, and now we know what's really important. And we learned in a hard way. We certainly did learn in a hard way.

But I'm so proud of Americans. I'm so proud to be an American because of the way our whole country has responded to the attack.

ANGLE: Beyond what you've said, do you have a special message for Americans at this time of year?

BUSH: Well, certainly, I hope everyone has a very happy and safe holiday. And I know I join every American in praying and hoping for peace on Earth.