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This is a partial transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto," November 10, 2005, that was edited for clarity.

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, forget sex on TV. Try hard-core porn on your iPod. The porn industry gearing up for a major push. At least one parent group is up in arms. Is it a threat to our kids?

Let us ask right now Steven Hirsch. Steven is president and co-founder of Vivid Entertainment. It's a leading supplier of adult videos. He stands to make a bundle on all of this. But Jack Samad says, not so fast, Steven. He's the senior vice president of the National Coalition For the Protection of Children and Families.

Steven, to you first.

How big a business will this be to you?

STEVEN HIRSCH, CO-CHAIRMAN, CO-CEO AND PRESIDENT, VIVID ENTERTAINMENT GROUP: Well, I think we will have to wait and see. As technology pushes on, it gives us an opportunity to generate revenue where we haven't been able to before. So, whether it is the video iPod or the Sony PlayStation or wireless, this is all good news for us.

CAVUTO: Jack, you are not happy.



We are concerned about the adolescents and their innocence — anything to make a profit. We are concerned. We met up in Washington, D.C., yesterday with a wireless association, and talking with the Department of Justice and the FCC about what we can do to help secure the minors, as the parents go into the shopping season this year and buy the technology, the handheld devices, that is a new delivery system, as you just heard, for the pornographers.

And we just want to make sure that we are lock in step with the agencies and the government, as we look at how they are going to distribute adult materials to our youth.

CAVUTO: Steven do you have any safeguards to make sure kids don't get this?

HIRSCH: Well, first of all, we believe in age verification. We always have, whether it's through DVDs or video on demand or through the Internet.

CAVUTO: Yes but, Steve, you know people get around that all the time, right?

HIRSCH: Well, parents have to be responsible.


HIRSCH: And we believe that parents are responsible.

We don't believe that parents want their children to access adult entertainment. I suspect that there's something else going on here. And this is purely a censorship play.

SAMAD: Oh, my goodness.

HIRSCH: Every time a new distribution platform comes out, these groups are up in arms. They want to get rid of adult content. And you know what? It doesn't work. People are responsible. Parents are responsible.

CAVUTO: Jack is this more than going after the kids? You just don't like this stuff?

SAMAD: That is so far from the truth. Absolutely not.

What we are actually worried about is another channel of distribution. When you talk about the parents being engaged, there's a great digital divide with what parents are supplying their kids. They don't even realize how they are using the video capture on a cell phone to transmit...


CAVUTO: But, Jack, is that the parents' fault or is that the technology's fault?

SAMAD: You know, it is not the technology. We support the technology and a distribution channel.

But the bottom line is, why do we need to populate the wireless airwaves with this content that, once again, the parents have to be engaged with the kids, which we support that they should do, but how many kids in America have the traditional household, where both parents are there engaged with? They weren't even engaged with the Internet. How in the world are going to they stay in lockstep with the wireless industry?

CAVUTO: Steven, is there much of a market, period, for people downloading something on a one-inch screen? I guess — well, the size doesn't matter, I guess.

HIRSCH: That's not the point. It doesn't matter. The point is that adults should be able to access adult content. And, again, we see this happen over and over and over.

CAVUTO: But you will make sure kids don't?

HIRSCH: Absolutely.

SAMAD: There's no way they can make sure the kids don't.

HIRSCH: We believe in age verification. No credit card, no access, no way.

SAMAD: Age verification doesn't even work.

HIRSCH: What do you mean age verification doesn't work?

CAVUTO: All right, guys, you know, we could talk about this forever, but we have run out of time.

Steve, Jack, you can argue off air all you want. We appreciate it.

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