Transcript: Crapshoot on the Bayou?

This is a partial transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto," October 10, 2005, that was edited for clarity.

TERRY KEENAN, GUEST HOST: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (search) says that he wants his city's bigger hotels to include Las Vegas-style gambling.

My next guest owns one of the hotels that is under consideration.

Patrick Quinn is the CEO of Decatur Hotels. And he joins us now from New Orleans (search).

Mr. Quinn, welcome.

Good idea or bad idea?

E. PATRICK QUINN, CEO, DECATUR HOTELS: Well, in concept, I think it's a good idea. And I think we just have to learn a little bit more about the details to find out what the specifics are of the program.

But I do applaud the mayor for coming up with ideas that bring business and bring capital into the city.

KEENAN: What are you seeing in terms of your bookings for the next couple of months? Is anybody coming to New Orleans as a tourist?

QUINN: No. I don't think many people will come as a tourist the next couple of months. But there's quite a few people who are coming to work on the reconstruction — you know, contractors, mediators and people like that.

KEENAN: Now, there is already gambling in parts of the state of Louisiana and also offshore, right, in cruise boats and the like?

QUINN: Right. That's correct.

KEENAN: So, do you think that there's enough demand to satisfy bigger hotels also having gambling on site?

QUINN: Well, I think what the mayor is thinking is that we would expand the market a little bit. Right now, there is one land-based casino in New Orleans. And this would open it up to seven or eight land-based casinos and, at that point, probably create some synergy and bring in some new people, some new jobs, some capital, and kind of bring people who aren't coming now. But, at the same time, try to make sure we don't lose the culture and the tradition here in New Orleans that makes us special and lose our uniqueness.

KEENAN: And add more sin to Sin City, I guess.


KEENAN: Thanks, Patrick Quinn, for joining us.

QUINN: OK. Thank you very much.

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