With war approaching and the economy tottering, things have been better in the land of the free. And now is the time for all of us to keep our wits about us and see things clearly. Indications are, that's happening.

According to an ABC news/Washington Post poll, 71 percent of Americans who bother to find out about Colin Powell's U.N. speech feel he made a convincing case for war.

Of course, overseas, nothing the USA could say would change the minds of the French, Germans and Chinese, who want bad things to happen to us.

But here in America, the folks have decided that after Sept 11 we cannot allow an anti-American madman, Saddam, to play hide and seek with anthrax and other weapons. Clear-thinking Americans have always been the strength of this country. And once again, that has been demonstrated by the poll.

The dissenting 30 percent are an interesting group. As Talking Points has pointed out, some of them simply hate their country and/or President Bush.

But some war dissenters are sincere. I got an interesting letter from a Mr. Jeffords, who lives in San Francisco. He says:

"Before we support dropping bombs in the Middle East, perhaps we should take a look at U.S. cultural and military imperialism which has created great animosity towards our great nation. Bill, I ask you: How would you feel about the USA if you were an Arab? We've got bases all over the Middle East. Do you believe that we are there as protectors?"

Well, OK, Mr. Jeffords, let's walk through it. I realize the left wing Web sites are pounding the oil drum, propagandizing that we're going to war to get oil.

The truth is that we're going to war to maintain stability in the world. If a madman like Saddam used deadly weapons to get control of the Gulf oil flow, the entire world would be at his mercy.

The United States now drives the world economy. If this country goes down the tubes business-wise, the whole world suffers. We make, buy and donate most of the world's goods. So any intrusion on our security is bad for the whole world and many resent that.

If the United States was an imperialist power, we would have done what the Soviets did after World War II, enslave countries. Instead, we rebuilt Japan and Germany and most of Europe, allowing millions to live in freedom at our expense.

Now, I'm getting real tired of ignorant Americans blasting their country when they're clueless about history and geopolitics. Many of the loudest voices of dissent are also the dumbest voices.

The truth is that America must now protect itself against fanatics who hate freedom and knowledge. And we must protect the world without the help of cowardly countries like France and Germany, and opportunistic countries like China and Russia.

The task is almost impossible, but if anyone can do it, we can.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

The New York Daily News reports Roseanne Barr compared President Bush to Adolf Hitler. She also said that she loved her Kabalah instructor, which is kind of a Jewish mysticism thing, because her instructor, "gets the best pot."

Apparently, Roseanne has been indulging, which is ridiculous because even sober the woman is, well, a bit on the edge.

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