Tough Iraq Resolution Is a Must

American soldiers are down in Louisiana training for house-to-house combat in Baghdad.

These are the same soldiers who chased Usama bin Laden around in Afghanistan in Operation Anaconda, and who earlier uprooted the Taliban.

Those situations were bad. People shooting at you is always bad, but the upcoming tussle in Baghdad is shaping up as bad enough that the already highly experienced troops are undergoing new training for the possibility that there will be building-to-building fighting to take the Iraqi capitol.

All this underscores how important it is for the U.N. to wake up and smell the coffee, and back America's proposal for a tough inspection regime in Iraq.

That's because a tough resolution from the U.N. Security Council — including a war trigger —  has a good chance of making Saddam Hussein realize that he has to bow down to the will of the U.S. and the international community, and that if he does, it may not be necessary for Americans to go through every house in Iraq to uproot the bad guys.

It would also not be necessary for American jets to bomb Iraq. Smart bombs or not, some people who aren't supposed to get killed would get killed.

The way to stop this is not for George Bush to wake up one morning and say, "Mon Dieu . The French are right." The way to stop it is for Bush to stick to his guns, as it were, for tough inspections.

He has said it before. America wants Saddam out, but it wants disarmament more. So if you're a real peacenik, you should want the toughest possible sanctions the Security Council can deliver.

That's My Word.

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