Topics: July 26

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Tuesday, July 26:

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The White House has agreed to release memos written by John Roberts (search) during his time as a special assistant at the Department of Justice and from his tenure in the White House counsel's office, but the administration refused to release any documents from Roberts' time as deputy solicitor general. Carl Cameron has the details.

And Republicans and Democrats offered competing Social Security reform (search) plans today. The Republican plan would spend Social Security trust fund dollars on Social Security, while the Democratic plan would offer incentives for workers to invest in 401K plans. Major Garrett explains the differences in the plans.

With 90 percent of Iraq's GDP coming from oil exports, could Iraqi oil platforms t be the next target for terrorists in an attempt to hurt Iraq's economy and thereby destabilize the new government? Bret Baier investigates

Also, Syria's role in the U.N. Oil-for-Food scandal (search) is greater than first thought. As Jonathan Hunt reports, an agreement between Iraq and Syria resulted in three billion dollars worth of oil being imported by Syria, with 40 percent of the oil being paid for in cash, and the other 60 percent paid for by goods, including military supplies.

On the first day of six-party talks, North Korea (search) said it was prepared to work on eliminating nuclear weapons. And the United States reiterated its position that it would not invade or attack North Korea. David Piper has the latest.

Also, Tony Blair (search) finds himself in a stronger political position than he was in a few months ago. Blair's popularity has seen a boost due to his reaction to the recent attacks in London, as well as the fact that London was selected to host the Olympics in 2012, something Mr. Blair enthusiastically supported. Simon Marks takes a look at Blair's political standing.

Then, should “mother” and “father” be taken off birth certificates because it discriminates against same-sex couples? There’s a debate between gay rights advocates and government officials in the state of Massachusetts. Alisyn Camerota explains.

Plus, the Central American Free Trade Agreement (search) remains a hot button issue in Washington, with people on both sides continuing to voice their opinions. And now labor has jumped into the fray too, reports Brian Wilson.

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