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How is the media reporting the stories you've seen in the news this week? You can count on Eric Burns and FOX News Watch  to cover the coverage!

This weekend, on a special Fourth of July Weekend edition "FOX News Watch" ...

We answer YOUR questions about the media!

•  You Ask, We Answer! 

We turn the tables this weekend and let our audience pose questions for our panel:

- As the War on Terror rages on, and Americans become targets, is it wrong for American journalists covering these stories be too patriotic? Can reporters be fair & balanced and support the Red, White & Blue?

- Are all journalists liberals?

- Why can't reporters ask intelligent questions at press conferences?

These questions and a couple more that are bound to get you talking...

Join host Eric Burns and our News Watch panelists this weekend as we "cover the coverage":

Jim Pinkerton of Newsday

Jane Hall of American University

Cal Thomas syndicated columnist and Host of After Hours on Fox News.

Neal Gabler  media writer and author

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-- The Associated Press contributed to this story.