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Monday, Feb. 28:

Syria, Iran, North Korea -- as tensions mount, concerns sweep through Washington, so what’s next? Team Washington has analysis on “Special Report.”

In a potential strategy shift, the Bush administration is considering joining Europe in offering Iran economic incentives in exchange for abandoning its nuclear fuel program. Wendell Goler has the details.

Jennifer Griffin has the latest from the Middle East after the Lebanese Prime Minister Omar Karami (search) announced his pro-Syrian government is stepping down as thousands in Beirut protest Syrian presence in the country. What does this development mean for the rest of the Middle East? Brit talks with FNC foreign affairs analyst Ambassador Dennis Ross for his take.

And now that the president's basic outline for Social Security reform (search) has been released, lawmakers are hearing from their constituents concerning their thoughts on the system and its future. Jim Angle has a report.

Plus, Bret Baier has details on the single deadliest attack in the two-year insurgency in Iraq after a homicide car bomber blasted a crowd of police and National Guard recruits Monday. The blast killed at least 115 people and wounded 132.

President Bush recognizes that Medicaid (search) is a huge financial burden for state governments, but how will the president work with the nation’s governors to resolve soaring program costs with proposed federal cutbacks? Major Garrett has a report.

And we’ll have a report from Jonathan Serrie on Georgia’s battle over redistricting as legislators debate the state’s congressional map.

Plus, we'll talk with our all-star panel of FOX News contributors on the future of Syria's role in Lebanon:

Mara Liasson, national political correspondent for National Public Radio

Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist

Jeff Birnbaum, columnist for the Washington Post

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