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President Bush called Republican congressional leaders to the White House today to help shore up support for the war, just as John Kerry told a group assembled in New York that the president lacks a clear strategy in Iraq. Carl Cameron has a report.

• The top commander in Afghanistan calls a new ABC poll about the country, "stunning.” The poll says most Afghans support the changes that have been made in their country. This as the U.S. military says the hunt for Usama bin Laden is as intense as ever. Bret Baier has the details.

• A key House committee approved a bill today that would help eliminate illegal immigration both at the border and in the workplace. But, some Democrats took issue with the bill, saying more needed to be done to deal with the illegal immigrants currently in this country. Major Garrett has more.

• And the House also began debate on a plan that would extend the reduced tax rate on capital gains for another two years. The administration says the bill is essential to sustaining long-term economic growth. Brian Wilson explains.

• Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to make what could be one of the biggest decisions of his administration, whether to grant clemency to Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Williams co-founded the Crips gang, yet since being in prison, has urged kids to stay out of gangs. He was convicted of killing four people back in 1979 and is set to die by lethal injection next Tuesday. Claudia Cowan has a report.

• Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's recent trip to Europe has been getting mixed reviews. Some European leaders praised Rice for her "clear answers" on the torture issue, while others dismissed her statements as "double talk." James Rosen has a wrap-up of the secretary's trip.

• Plus, she isn't a presidential candidate, but she has amassed quite a war chest. Senator Hillary Clinton has already raised $14 million for her own Senatorial campaign, and is currently on a two-week, six-state fundraising tour. Correspondent Todd Connor looks at Hillary’s future ambitions.

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