Topics: Dec. 20

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• Sunni Arabs alleged today that last week's parliamentary elections were fraudulent, especially in Baghdad province, and they said if the irregularities are not corrected, new balloting must be held in Iraq's largest electoral district. Greg Palkot has more from Baghdad.

• Vice President Dick Cheney while talking to reporters aboard Air Force Two as he flew from Islamabad, Pakistan to Muscat, Oman, vigorously defended the Bush administration's use of secret domestic spying and the expansion of presidential powers, saying "it's not an accident that we haven't been hit in four years." Jim Angle has more on what the vice president said.

• And lawmakers are considering temporarily extending portions of the Patriot Act after the Senate blocked renewal of the anti-terrorism law. Brian Wilson has a report.

• A Senate vote on a deficit-reduction bill looks to be so tight that Vice President Cheney is rushing home from an overseas trip to be the tiebreaker for saving one of the Bush administration's top priorities. Major Garrett has a report.

• In Bethlehem today, Palestinian gunmen briefly occupied the office of the mayor. They were demanding jobs in the Palestinian security forces. The incident came as many Christians — longtime residents — in Bethlehem are deciding to leave the city. Correspondent Jennifer Griffin explains.

• Then, in the past decade New York City has been praised for significant strides toward becoming a more livable city. But today a transportation strike has set the city back on its heels. Correspondent Jonathan Hunt brings us the latest.

• And Wyoming is in the unusual position of arguing over what to do with their enormous budget surplus largely generated from mining and natural gas drilling fees on federal land. The Democratic governor wants to sock away 1.2 billion dollars in a rainy day fund, but Republicans say it should be more. Carol McKinley has a report.

• A federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled today that schools may not introduce the concept of "intelligent design” in science classes. David Lee Miller has details from the ruling.

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