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Tuesday, August 30:

Team FOX goes around the world giving you the people, places and politics you need to know — only on “Special Report.”

We'll have the fallout from Hurricane Katrina's (search) destruction in states along the Gulf Coast and we'll take a look at what state and federal governments must do to help recovery efforts.

Rick Leventhal reports from Biloxi, showing just some of the massive destruction from Hurricane Katrina.

Plus, is global warming (search) the cause of the recent surge in tropical storms and hurricanes? Host Brit Hume talks with Pat Michaels from the CATO Institute about what's behind the increase.

President Bush commemorates the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II (search), speaking to a mainly military audience in Coronado, California. The president repeated the formula he used last week in two speeches aimed at rebuilding support for the war in Iraq. Carl Cameron has the latest from the president’s trail.

Plus, Mike Emanuel has the latest news out of Iraq, after the U.S. ambassador suggested today there might be further changes needed to the draft constitution in order to win Sunni Arab approval, saying he believed a "final, final draft" had not yet been presented.

And Alliance for Justice (search) holds a press conference concerning their opposition of the Roberts' nomination. Major Garrett reports the latest news surrounding the Supreme Court nominee.

Then, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson (search) is in Venezuela offering support to President Hugo Chavez. Jackson says Washington and Caracas should work out their differences through diplomacy. Chavez repeatedly has accused the Bush administration of plotting his overthrow. Steve Centanni reports.

And former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (search) announced his intention to take over the Likud party and run for prime minister, an attempt to bring down the government of Ariel Sharon. Mike Tobin has the details.

We'll also talk with our all-star panel of FOX News contributors about the day's headlines:

—Fred Barnes, executive editor of The Weekly Standard

—Mort Kondracke, executive editor of Roll Call

Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist

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