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Monday, August 1:

Team FOX goes around the world giving you the people, places and politics you need to know — only on “Special Report.”

President Bush, saying the position of United Nations ambassador is "too important to leave vacant any longer," appointed John Bolton (search) to be America's ambassador to the U.N. in a recess appointment. The recess appointment enables him to get around a five-month impasse with the Senate over Bolton's nomination, but also means that Bolton's appointment lasts only until January 2007. FOX News Carl Cameron reports.

Plus, in the modern political era, presidential recess appointments have become more and more common. Major Garrett examines the reasons.

On Friday evening, Republican and Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee came to the floor to announce a tentative schedule for Judge Roberts' nomination hearings to be the next Supreme Court Justice. FOX News chief Washington correspondent Jim Angle looks at what agreements between the sides may or may not have been forged.

Iran has decided to restart the conversion of yellowcake to uranium gas at the Isfahan nuclear plant, the last step before enrichment for weapons grade uranium. This is likely to result in action by the U.N. Security Council. James Rosen reports.

On Tuesday there will be a special election in Ohio to fill the seat of Rob Portman who moved on to be the U.S. trade representative. The second district went almost 2-to-1 for President Bush last November but GOP Governor Taft is unpopular for tax increases and the state GOP is embroiled in a scandal stemming from losses in state pension funds. If the Democrat, a Marine veteran of Iraq, were to win it could signal a very bad year for the GOP in the 2006 midterms. We'll get a complete report from Jeff Goldblatt.

William La Jeunesse takes to the streets and talked to Iraqis about the draft constitution, due mid-month. The main sticking points stem from the differing desires of the three main factions, Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.

We'll also talk with our all-star panel of FOX News contributors about the day's headlines:

—CeCi Connolly, national correspondent for The Washington Post

—Jeff Birnbaum, columnist for The Washington Post

—Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist

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