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Police found the car of missing 17-year-old Taylor Behl (search) on Saturday parked not far from her dorm room at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, where the freshman was last seen nearly two weeks ago.

We'll get an update on the search for Taylor from her mother, Janet Pelasara.

Then, we'll take you to the cafe where Taylor ate a late dinner the night she disappeared and show you what we saw.

And, police searched the home of a man who saw Taylor just an hour before she disappeared. What did they take from his home? And could his computer hold the key to this mystery? His lawyer goes "On the Record."

Pizza deliveryman Brian Wells (search) robbed a bank in august of 2003. Then, moments after the robbery, he died when a bomb that was wrapped around his neck exploded. Now, the FBI releases new surveillance photo from that day that could help explain what happened. We'll get reaction from Brian Wells' brother, John Wells.

Plus, a boating trip turned deadly for two Michigan lawyers. Was it a tragic accident or foul play? And was somebody else on the boat with them? We'll investigate.

And, brace for impact! We'll track the path of another dangerous storm that is headed for the Florida Keys with Joe Bastardi, Accuweather senior meteorologist.

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