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If and when Hurricane Ivan (search ) makes landfall you can count on Greta for two hours of special hurricane coverage beginning at 10 p.m. ET.

Hurricane Ivan continues on its terrible track toward the Gulf Coast, prompting officials to urge more than 1.2 million residents of metropolitan New Orleans, and hundreds of thousands elsewhere, to get out of the monster storm's way.

We'll have full Team Fox hurricane coverage with FNC correspondents Jonathan Serrie in Alabama, Rick Leventhal in New Orleans, and Adam Housley in Panama City.

Plus, Joe Bastardi , senior Accuweather.com meteorologist, gives an update on the killer storm.

We'll have the latest from the Peterson (search) double homicide trial in Redwood City, Calif. Defense points out that authorities found no blood on Scott’s stuff, does this mean he is off the hook? Greta has the latest and of course expert analysis from the legal eagles.

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