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Is "Ivan the Terrible" roaring towards Florida? FOX News’ Rick Leventhal joins us live from Key West, where mandatory evacuations are underway.

We’ll track the deadly storm’s progress with Rick Reichmuth, WSI meteorologist.

Hurricane Ivan ravaged Grenada, killing at least 27 people and now Jamaica is under siege. We’ll get a live update from the Kirk Abrahams, of RJR radio in Kingston, Jamaica.

Plus, what are authorities in the U.S. doing to prepare for Ivan’s arrival? We’ll get insight from Michael Brown, director of FEMA and undersecretary of Homeland Security.

FOX News has new information on the released documents concerning President Bush's National Guard service. Did CBS News get duped?

Plus, Saturday marks three years since terrorism hit the homeland and all of our worlds changed. We’ll take a special look back.

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