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Wednesday, Oct. 6:

Jim Angle reports: Campaigning in Pennsylvania, President Bush issues his harshest criticism yet of John Kerry's record and statements on Iraq.

Carl Cameron reports: Vice presidential candidates John Edwards and Dick Cheney were on the stump — each man carrying forward his themes from Tuesday night's face-off in Cleveland.

Major Garrett reports: The chief American weapons inspector in Iraq says Saddam Hussein was not actively pursuing WMDs in the decade before the U-S-led invasion — but he had not lost his intentions to produce them when conditions were ripe.

John Cookson reports: Iraqi military pilots return to the skies for the first time since the war.

Mike Emanuel reports: Iran reveals that it has processed several tons of raw "yellowcake" uranium to prepare it for enrichment — a key step in developing atomic weapons. The Tehran government claims its only intention is to develop nuclear energy.

Phil Keating reports: A heated contest is on for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Republican Don Nickles.

Brian Wilson reports: How many times does a rumor have to be knocked down before it is dead? Despite the fact that no responsible person in government has ever said the military draft would be reinstated, lawmakers on Capitol Hill thought they had to stomp on that rumor one more time.

Plus, the Democrats are hammering Vice President Dick Cheney's relationship with Halliburton (search), going so far as to accuse the vice president of doing business with Libya and Iran while he led the company. What's the truth? We'll ask Brooks Jackson of FactCheck.org.

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