Topics and Guests, October 30

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

The two top U.N.-backed weapons inspectors head to Washington, having been invited by the White House to discuss sending teams into Iraq with President Bush.


• New federal weapons and extortion charges against sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad add to the questions over which jurisdiction will be the first to prosecute him and his alleged partner in the attacks.

• Prime Minister Ariel Sharon makes a frantic last-minute effort to save his crumbling coalition ahead of a key vote as the Labor Party vows to quit his government unless cuts are made in planned spending to Jewish settlements.

• In a development that drew even more scrutiny to the security of the nation's borders, more than 200 illegal Haitian immigrants jump overboard, wade ashore and rush onto a major highway after their 50-foot wooden freighter runs aground off Miami.

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