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Attorneys in Scott Peterson's (search) murder trial are preparing for closing arguments after testimony concluded this week. We'll break down what we expect with our legal panel:

Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney
Jim Hammer, former San Francisco assistant district attorney
Laura Ingle, KFI radio reporter
Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney
Gloria Allred, Amber Frey's attorney
Jeanine Pirro, Westchester County district attorney

President Bush and John Kerry continue to spar over what happened to a cache of nearly 380 tons of explosive ammunition that disappeared from a munitions depot in Iraq. But when did those explosives go missing and who's to blame? We'll examine the mystery with The Washington Times' Bill Gertz.

Plus, which candidate has the edge going into the final weekend before the election? We'll ask Rev. Al Sharpton (search), former Democratic presidential candidate, and former Sen. Fred Thompson.

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