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• Democrats won governerships in New Jersey and Virginia in off-year elections Tuesday, while voters in California voted against ballot initiatives supported by GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Could the Democrats' victory be a sign of things to come? We'll have analysis with FOX's own Brit Hume.

• And, Andrea Yates, the woman who drowned her five children in Texas could get a new trial or even a plea bargain. We’ll have the latest on the developments in the case.

• Also, Natalee Holloway's mom says we should boycott Aruba, but will that help find her daughter? And how are Arubans reacting to the call for a boycott? We’ll ask an Aruban government spokesperson.

• And France on fire: Rioters in France ignored the first night of curfews taking to the streets for the 13th night in a row: What is really behind the violence? We’ll ask Regis Le Sommier, the U.S. bureau chief of Paris Match.

Then, should public schools have off for religious holidays? What if they are Muslim holidays? There’s a case in Florida causing controversy, we’ll talk with Steve Hegarty, Hillsborough, Florida School Board spokesman and First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza.

These stories and more on today's show.

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