Today on "Special Report":

Wendell Goler reports: President Bush (search) salutes troops at Fort Campbell and reminds "when Saddam Hussein went down the terrorists lost a major ally"

Bret Baier reports: Pakistani officials say 'high-value target' cornered near Afghan border -- Could Usama bin Laden and his terror company be running out of places to hide?

William LaJeunesse reports: A homicide bomber blew up a car Thursday near a hotel in the southern city of Basra as a British military patrol passed by, killing three bystanders — the latest in a series of attacks just before the anniversary of the start of the war.

Brian Wilson reports: As the one year anniversary of the war in Iraq approaches, the House of Representatives has approved a resolution of support for the Iraqi people and U.S. troops.

Major Garrett reports: Justice Antonin Scalia (search) says he won't step down from judging a case facing the Supreme Court that involves Vice President Dick Cheney, a close friend.

Carol McKinley reports: With the Senate divided almost evenly, this year's contests are being watched more closely than ever. We'll have the details.

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