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There has been a major development in the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the Hargon (search) family of Vaughan, Mississippi.

Authorities searching for a missing Mississippi family said today that they had come across some "profound new developments" in their investigation that would delay the arraignment of a suspect in the case.

Officials would not immediately say what halted the arraignment of Earnest Lee Hargon (search) in Yazoo County, north of Jackson. Hargon is an adopted cousin of Michael Hargon, who along with his wife and young son disappeared on Valentine's Day.

Michael Baden, a forensic expert, told Fox News on Monday that "profound" means "bad" news in this case.

We'll speak with Dr. Baden about the case this evening.

Plus, we'll have a live report from our own Jonathan Serrie who is covering the story from Mississippi and talk with other members of our legal panel including criminal defense attorney and former Washington D.C. homicide detective Ted Williams.

Also, we'll have the latest on the situation in Haiti. Why is the country's former leader President Aristede (search) suggesting to some members of Congress that he was "kidnapped" by U.S. Marines? And, what did Secretary of State Colin Powell has to say about that statement?

Then, will Martha Stewart's fate be put in the hands of the jury this week? We'll have the latest on the domestic diva's trial.

And later, they were fired by business magnate Donald Trump (search). Now, hear what they have to say when former "Apprentice" contestants Ereka Vetrini (search), Sam Solovey (search) and Bowie Hogg (search) go on the record with Greta!

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