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Carl Cameron reports: The Bush administration says cracking down on corporate fraud will help boost confidence in the U.S. stock market and needs Congress to "finish action on the legislation dealing with corporate accounting." Well, Congress does just that.

Guest preview: Michael Barone, who will update us on how the Senate's mid-term elections stand, with a few months to go before November.

Panel preview: Does the recent attack confirm the Palestinian argument that Israel is just as terrorist as its Palestinian enemies? Is Israel right in suggesting this is the same thing the United States has done in its efforts to destroy Al Qaeda and its leaders?

Jim Angle reports: Is the White House giving a thumbs up to the corporate responsibility deal?

Steve Brown reports: An American Muslim activist who authorities believe took computer equipment to an Al Qaeda terrorist camp in Afghanistan has been taken into custody, a federal law enforcement official says.

Bret Baier reports: What do Iran and the Hezbollah have in common? Join us to find out.

Jennifer Griffin reports: Facing a storm of criticism for its raid on Gaza, Israel offers Palestinians a series of goodwill gestures and blames faulty military intelligence for the deaths of nine children and four other civilians in the fatal attack on a Hamas military chief.

Mike Tobin "You Decide 2002" reports: We'll give you an update on the Texas Senate race.

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