Topics and Guests, July 10

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Wendell Goler reports: President Bush visits Botswana (search) promoting a $15 billion plan to combat AIDS. Botswana, where nearly four of every 10 adults carry the virus that causes the deadly disease, is the third on his five-nation tour of an Africa battling hunger and suffering from civil unrest.

Guest preview: Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., gives us his take on recent comments made about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


Jennifer Eccleston reports: As Secretary of State Colin Powell was announcing that President Bush would make a decision within days on sending U.S. troops into Liberia, a U.S. military team was arriving in Ghana to confer with the Economic Community of West African States.

Hostility toward coalition forces continues in Iraq, as two U.S. soldiers are killed and one wounded in separate attacks on their convoys.

The Army is scheduled to release a detailed 15-page report on the March 23 ambush in Nasiriyah (search) in which 11 members of Jessica Lynch's (search) 507th Maintenance Company were killed and seven, including Lynch, 19, were taken prisoner in what became the most famous battle of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

And, Part IV of Steve Harrigan's series, Congo, the Forgotten War.

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

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