Topics and Guests for Wednesday, Sept. 10

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Wednesday, Sept. 10:

The hunt for Usama bin Laden is focusing on a region of Pakistan called Waziristan. It's a hostile, tribal territory with a rugged geography
Eliza Griswold, contributor to Harper’s Magazine

We know who hijacked the planes two years ago, but we don't know if they had any help from Al Qaeda operatives living in the U.S.
Robert Tanenbaum, novelist and former prosecutor

President Bush says police should have the same tools to go after terrorists as they do drug dealers and other criminals
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

We teach our children that it's good to share. Tell that to the Recording Industry of America
Cary Sherman, RIAA president

Denver’s agreed to cough up $50,000 to a group of Hell's Angels after police raided their clubhouse without a warrant
David Lane, defense lawyer

The Big Story’s "candidate of the day" in the California recall election
Reva Renee Renz, owner of Orange County cocktail lounge

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