Topics and Guests for Wednesday, May 7

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May 7:

In the early days of fighting during the war, four journalists were caught in the middle of a firefight near Basrah. One ITV news reporter was shot dead and two others remain missing
Daniel Demoustier, ITV cameraman

At some point, Iraq is going to need a new constitution, perhaps one that looks something like ours. How are those concepts going to translate?
• Imam Husham al-Husainy of the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center

Now that the war's over, we're seeing a very different political atmosphere at the U.N.
Munir Akram, president of the U.N. Security Council

The neoconservative thinkers who advised President Bush to go into Iraq are now enjoying their day in the sun. What's next on the neoconservative agenda, both internationally and in terms of domestic policy?
Michael Joyce, president of Americans for Community and Faith-Centered Enterprise

President Bush's landing on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, to meet and greet the troops last week was great TV. And if you ask some Democrats like Va. Sen. Robert Byrd, that's all it was
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

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