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Jan. 15:

• The preliminary hearing for Beltway sniper suspect John Lee Malvo resumed in Virginia Wednesday, a day after victim Linda Franklin's husband testified about the attack that killed his wife. The juvenile court hearing will determine if Malvo should be tried as an adult for capital murder and thus face the death penalty. Fighting back tears, William Franklin said he never saw the gunman or the car in which the killer fled on the night of Oct. 14.

• U.N. weapons teams dropped in on Saddam Hussein Tuesday, paying a visit to a presidential palace in the heart of Baghdad and spending four hours searching the premises.

It was the second unannounced inspection of one of Saddam's domiciles since the monitors returned to Iraq in November. Unlike the first visit, when the U.N. personnel encountered the Iraqi president's private secretary, there was no indication that Saddam was home Tuesday.

• A captain in the Canadian infantry denied his battalion was shooting into the air before two U.S. pilots dropped a bomb that killed four of his men near Kandahar, Afghanistan. A military hearing will determine whether the pilots, Maj. William Umbach and Maj. Harry Schmidt, should be court-martialed.

Schmidt's lawyer says the fighter pilots were not told Canadian troops were conducting live-fire exercises and believed their F-16s were under attack by Taliban or Al Qaeda ground troops. Beck also said Air Force-issued "go pills," otherwise known as the prescription amphetamine Dexedrine, may have impaired the pilots' judgment.

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