Topics and Guests for Wednesday, Jan. 15

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Jan. 15

• The FBI says all 35 missing samples of bubonic plague from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center have been accounted for.

So what caused the confustion?

• U.N. weapons teams dropped in on Saddam Hussein Tuesday, paying a visit to a presidential palace in the heart of Baghdad and spending four hours searching the premises.

Did inspectors uncover anything? We'll have a complete report.

• As the Pentagon moves into the future military planners are starting to rely on robots to give our soldiers an advantage on the battlefield.

Helen Grenier, president of iRobot, gives us a look at the future of combat.

• President Bush will challenge an affirmative action program and tell the Supreme Court there are better ways to promote diversity, Fox News has learned.

We'll break down the president's decision with FOX News senior judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano.

• Plus, why is Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman threatening to sue the NFL after the league rejected Super Bowl commercials that featured city montages? We'll investigate.

• And, legendary rocker Pete Townshend attempts to explain his use of an Internet Web site advertising child pornography. We'll examine the rise of child porn on the Web with U.S. Postal Inspector Ray Smith.

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