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He's been convicted of murdering Martha Moxley... Now he has to receive his sentence. Could Michael Skakel wind up with a light sentence from the judge? As his sentencing gets underway will justice by served or denied to the Moxley family? We'll have the latest from Connecticut for you this evening.

Plus, the penalty phase begins in the Danielle Van Dam murder trial today as convicted killer David Westerfield as the jury begins to decide whether or not he should receive the death penalty. We'll discuss all the ramifications of the this phase of the trial with our panel of legal experts: former prosecutor Bernard Grimm, California criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos and USC Law Professor and Fox News Legal Analyst Susan Estrich.

Then, were massive failures by the FBI and CIA responsible for the September 11 terror attacks? A new book by Washington Times investigative reporter and author Bill Gertz has some people so upset he's even been labelled a traitor!  We'll speak with him about his findings this evening.

Finally, another Amber Alert is in effect today, as police frantically search for a missing nine-year-old boy who was snatched from his home in Palm Desert, California early this morning. Everyone involved hopes this Amber Alert will bring the boy home safely. But as the system gains more acceptance is it being misused? We'll hear from both sides.

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